Kirkwood’s primary client is a leader in the renewable energy industry.   The investment from this client allows our offices to rapidly expand and develop strong, top performing professionals.

Our goal is to help our staff gain leadership skills that will enable them to excel in the field of sales, client acquisitions and most importantly experience professional and personal growth.  Our training is designed to strengthen communication skills, emphasize a good work ethic and develops skills for negotiating with clients.

At Kirkwood we take pride in our professionalism, integrity, hard work and dedication; which enables us to achieve our goals.  We believe that the only way a person can learn to successfully operate a company is for that person to build a strong foundation by experiencing sales functions as an Entry Level Account Executive. Candidates are taught how to interface with clients and finalize business deals. Once these skills are acquired, the individual learns how to coach and teach others how to master these same skills. The training process concludes when a candidate proves that he or she has developed the business acumen necessary to be successful.

Career Growth

Kirkwood places a huge emphasis on leadership development. Leading by example is part of who we are which is why we require that everyone starts off in our entry level Account Executive role. Our 12 month management and leadership development program grooms someone to be able handle all areas of business management. We believe that by investing in our team’s development we will take care of our company’s future.

Career Choices

Account Executive / Management Trainee:

We are looking for recent graduates, entry levels, and MOTIVATED professionals that we can train from an entry level role into a management position within our company. Our account executives are responsible for:

  • Customer acquisition and retention on behalf our our renewable energy client
  • Relationship building with potential consumer customers
  • Coaching and developing other team members
  • Small team management
  • Promotional Sales & Marketing for our Renewable Energy campaign

Kirkwood is a firm believer in merit based promotions which is why we never promote strictly on seniority. We pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to advancement and providing opportunity to our team.

OPPORTUNITIES for Renewable Energy Account Executive:

  • New Market Expansion –> We identifying expansion opportunities for existing products and services and obtain pricing and market data to educate our renewable energy clients about their competitors.
  • Leadership Development –> Our goal is to help our staff gain leadership skills that will enable them to excel in the field of sales, client acquisitions and most importantly experience professional and personal growth
  • Sales and Consulting –> We dominate our markets by outworking the competition and creating long term relationships with our customers in order to ensure long term trust; a cornerstone of any professional relationship
  • Management Training –> We offer opportunities that allow our people to grow both personally and professionally. Promotions are based on performance, not seniority, it allows our employees to get the recognition they deserve

Sounds great, but you don’t have any previous marketing experience? No Problem! Due to the rapid expansion of our client portfolio, we have a few immediate openings and will provide complete training for the right candidate.

Paid Interships:

Kirkwood is proud to offer internships to college students and recent graduates. We look to develop our interns throughout a number of different areas which include:

  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Human Resources and Interviewing
  • Effective ways to coach and mentor in a business setting
  • Budgeting and Financials
We offer both Summer and Winter internships which typically last from 10 to 12 weeks. All internships are paid and can be either full time or part time. Successful interns often receive offers for full time employment upon completion.

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