Meet Jeff, the winner of our Leadership Spotlight this week! We love having Jeff on our team and we can’t wait to see him accomplish all of his goals and succeed in this business. Read our interview with Jeff below to find out more about him!

Name: Jeff Miceli
School/Major: Indiana University/Spanish and Business Management
Hometown: Des Plaines, IL

Why did you start with the company?

I was looking for any opportunity that wasn’t behind a desk all day. Especially an opportunity where I can demonstrate my talents within coaching and leading others towards a common goal.

What is your favorite part about working with the company?

The amount of training and guidance that is given to you every day. It doesn’t matter if you have been with the company for 2 years or two weeks, there is always guidance to help keep moving you forward.

If you can travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I’ve always had a dream of visiting the World Wonders. At some point I would like to see those.

Who is one of your role models?

My father.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? How did you get into these hobbies?

I really love competitive volleyball. I have played the sport for as long as I can remember. Now that I am older, I enjoy getting into the city and playing beach volleyball on North Ave Beach.

Do you play any sports?

All sports, anything to keep things competitive.

How do you relax after a stressful work week?

Movies are a must!

What is your advice for new leaders on the team?

Keep moving forward. Don’t let a bad day ruin your week.

What is your favorite book and why?

House of Darkness House of Light. It is the story of what actually happened in the movie of the Conjuring… and it surely will keep you up at night.

What is your favorite quote?

You only live life once. But if you do it right, then once is enough.

Who is your favorite sports team and why?

Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball. Nothing is better than sitting in Assembly Hall with 17,000 fans screaming for YOUR team.

Do you have a secret talent?

I can do a back flip.

Do you have a favorite color and why?

Green. Not sure why, but it has been my favorite color since I was young.

If you could be any famous person in the world who would you be and why?

Jim Carrey, there is a lot to say about a person’s determination. This man has everything beyond that. When he has a goal, he will stop at nothing to achieve it. And he has fun while doing it.