The Kirkwood team had the opportunity to attend a national sales conference in Dallas, Texas this past July for an opportunity to network, learn and celebrate success. About a dozen top sales leaders and the management team flew to Dallas for three days of business workshops with topics to sharpen their sales skills, recruiting best practices, and management styles. It is important for the Kirkwood team to travel and learn from the best in the industry.

We spoke to the management team to find out what their favorite parts of the conference were!

“I love conferences because they give us the opportunity to recognize the top performers in our company for all of their hard work. It was a great chance to build even better personal connections within our team to strengthen what we feel is already a rock solid company culture. I’m excited for the growth we’re going to experience this next year and to see which milestones we’ll reach!” – Ben, Executive Director

Whether new entry levels at Kirkwood or seasoned vets, conferences have a way of inspiring and motivating all of our team. To see top performers get recognized for their hard work is extremely inspiring. Who doesn’t want to get on stage in front of all their peers and get awards? At Kirkwood, we understand that recognition is an important part of our success. We want all of our team members to know that they are valued and their individual contribution helps our team to grow!

“My favorite part of the conference was learning about new clients and programs our company will be taking on over the next year. Also, having the chance to network with top HR professionals in the industry opened my eyes to new and exciting advancement opportunities. After just a weekend in Dallas, I couldn’t be more excited for my future and the direction Kirkwood is headed!!” – Gina, HR Director

At Kirkwood, we’re constantly expanding and growing. Our proven track record over the years has attracted the demand of multiple Fortune 500 and 100 clients all over the globe. Our goal is to meet that demand through rigorous training of our sales teams into leadership and management positions. Whether those positions are in human resources or sales management, we believe that our best managers start from the ground up! We only promote from within so exciting new expansion and advancement opportunities are made available for all of our hardworking team.

The Kirkwood team can’t wait for our next conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in October. Click subscribe to find out the latest news updates from the Kirkwood team!

Check out more highlights from our conference on our YouTube video here: